Lorraine Gibson

I am inspired lately by light, shadows, and reflections.  My most recent works are done with iridescent and interference paints that change depending upon angle and light intensity. 

Working in the winery field has influenced my paintings and I draw upon the farm life and working vine-yards. I have previously worked with watercolour, acrylics, stained glass, and other media.  Presently I am focusing on acrylics and acrylic pours, incorporating multi-media and utilizing recycled items in or to give them a new purpose. 

I don’t take my art too seriously and nor should you!  There is humour in some of my pieces.  I like to relate to people of all ages. My work is light-hearted, at times whimsical, and sometimes multi-purposeful. Try looking at my art from all angles. 

Lorraine has created limited edition clothing with her art work designs. Lorraine's original art can be seen at "Burrowing Owl Guest House",  "Heres the Thing Winery"and "Spirit Ridge Resort".



Call     250-485-8918  


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