Covid - 19 Protocols

Protocols may differ between venues:

Osoyoos ELKS Hall (indoors)

Procedures are subject to change 


 Hall is cleaned prior to performance including all washrooms 

Washrooms are checked for supplies including hand sanitizer 

Clean all tables and chairs in use after set up 

Hand Sanitizers will be available when entering the building and at various points throughout the building 

Ticket Sales: 

People need to purchase tickets in advance 

           - Interested in attending, then contact  Earl will collect contact information for each group and will assign tables. Ticket person will be directed to Myron to purchase tickets by e-transfer.  Tickets must be paid for in advance. If a person does not do e transfer then other payment options can be made. 

Entering the building: 

Ticket purchasers will arrive in their groups. 

People will be asked to wear face masks when not in their designated seating area. 

A volunteer, wearing a mask and gloves, will control people entering the building. Checking names from paid list. 

Groups will line up 2 metres apart outside 

A masked volunteer will show groups to their designated seats before other groups are allowed into the building. 

Hand Sanitizers will be available upon entry and  will also be located in other parts of the building 


There are 5 bathrooms available in the hall. Two upstairs and three downstairs. 

Three Bathrooms would be allocated for women . 

In case of line ups, then people would be spaced 2  metres  apart 

Use paper towel to 

flush toilet, 
turn sink on and off, 
and open door 
then throw paper towel into garbage 


There will be table service by volunteers wearing masks. 

There will be a drink selection menu at each table, people will fill it out to order drinks, These will be collected by a volunteer. 

Volunteer will bring selected drinks to each table The volunteer will be paid. 

Sales will be cash. 


Performers will stay in designated areas 

When walking past audience members, they will be asked to wear masks and do spatial distancing 

Performers will perform behind an acrylic shield 

Stage Introductions 

People will be reminded about Bathroom usage, spatial distancing, using masks 


Audience members will use face masks when walking past people. When seated, masks will be optional as spatial distancing will be in effect 

Volunteers will wear masks when spatial distancing is not possible 


Audience members will be encouraged to use masks and to respect spatial distancing when leaving the building

 Osoyoos ELKS Hall (outdoors)

Protocols being developed