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Osoyoos Potters

About the Osoyoos Potters 

The Osoyoos Potters have been an active part of the Osoyoos arts community and Osoyoos & District Arts Council for many years.  Members meet at the Pottery Studio in the Osoyoos Arts in Centre at 89th and Main  Streets (Hwy #3) which also houses The Art Gallery Osoyoos.  

The objective of the Osoyoos Potters is to learn together through sharing ideas, mutual encouragement, and the assistance of more advanced members in an informal, friendly setting.  

The Potters Studio is a small well-equipped studio with 2 wheels, 2 kilns, a variety of glazes and tools.  All club members are required to be involved with the duties of  running of the club.  

At this time we do not have anyone teaching or giving pottery classes.  We help each other and give guidance when working on projects.  

Workshops are conducted in house and by guest potters throughout the year.  

The studio is open 24/7 to experienced members.  A studio day is held every Wednesday morning 10 am to 12 pm where the potters work on projects as a group.  

Membership is limited at any given time in accordance with the studio size. Membership dues, that cover the ongoing club expenses, are $40.00 per year plus the cost of glazing and firings. Potters are required to be Members of the Osoyoos & District Arts Council ( O.D.A.C.) as we are Member Group under the Arts Council and supported by the Arts Council.  

 We can be contacted through our Facebook page at:  



           President:  Darlene Fillion   Treasurer:  Dianne Hughes   Secretary:   Karen Lundin



A Mentor, An Inspiration, A Friend  

Our Pottery Coordinator-Darlene Fillion 


Darlene's love for pottery began in 1992 when she took a community course and began working with clay. Thirty one years later, Darlene is continuing to discover new ways to create her works of art.  

When Darlene moved to Osoyoos, she joined the pottery studio. Approximately 23 years ago when Jean Burt, who was a studio pioneer, retired from pottery Darlene graciously took on the position of coordinator.  

The pottery studio is a valuable, creative place for the 21 current members. In addition, an active pottery studio enhances the community of Osoyoos by providing a more diverse experience for those who reside here. Darlene's commitment to the studio and it's members, ensures this legacy continues.  

Darlene has endless pottery knowledge, enthusiasm, thoughtfulness and energy. Identifying all she does is confirmation of these attributes. Darlene promotes the studio throughout the arts and local community in Osoyoos. She recruits new members, mentors those new to pottery, attends workshops and shares that knowledge with existing members, monitors potter's projects in progress to ensure success, leads a Wednesday gathering at the studio, re-constitutes clay for member use, and through emails, recognizes members who have contributed to the studio.  

Ensuring the studio functions smoothly Darlene orders clay, chemicals and supplies, loads and unloads the kiln, organizes and participates in the annual cleanup, keeps track of the firing accounts, organizes and maintains studio equipment and tools, mixes glazes, organizes the annual July 1st pottery sale, participates in general ongoing cleaning, as well as upholding the studio ethics.  

Darlene goes above and beyond through recognition emails to members who are experiencing celebratory, or challenging occasions. She also organizes the very important social gatherings for members.  

A recognition of Darlene would not be complete without acknowledging one of her greatest assets-her husband Paul. Paul on so many occasions has assisted with numerous tasks including unloading pottery supplies, cleaning out storage rooms, conducting maintenance on studio items and creating innovative pottery tools.  

This is by no means a complete list of all Darlene accomplishes, but we are very grateful for everything she does.  

Here are some comments and memories from studio members:  

I first met Darlene at the Art Gallery when she was doing a volunteer shift. I explained that I was a former art teacher from Alberta and how I missed doing pottery. Darlene jumped up and said, “Do you want to see the studio?” She took me to see it and I started crying because the smells brought me back to when I did clay work with my students. I felt like I was home and Darlene invited me to join the pottery group. During Covid, Darlene, Dianne, and myself would work on Wednesday mornings. I was so nice to have Darlene’s guidance and support in the studio during that crazy time.  
Darlene is so sweet and generous with her time and talent. As an artist she is truly gifted and as a mentor she is very generous with her time.  
We all appreciate her lovely nature and guidance in the studio.  
Thank-you Darlene!  

I'm truly grateful for Darlene's generous energy, time and knowledge that she contributes to the club, studio and individually.  Her selfless dedication does not go unnoticed and is appreciated by many.  


I first met Darlene back in 2022 when she left the door open to the pottery studio and in I walked...  

Little did I know this was the beginning of a new phase in my life, before I knew it I was a "Potter"  

attending every week .  

Unfortunately the older one gets the less you remember so hat's of to Darlene who is always extremely gracious, attentive and patient , the best mentor anyone could wish for.  

I must admit I have far more pencil holders than mugs that take pride of place in my home but I am having so much fun and improving every week.  

Thank You Darlene as without the hardwork and long hours you put in behind the scenes none of this would be possible and my Wednesdays along with many others would definitely not be as joyful and fun.  

Your Trainee "Potter"  


When Darlene is in the studio, it's Darlene, how do I do this, why did this happen, am I doing this right? And occasionally, she will surprise us with an impromptu demonstration. She is Google Pottery! Add to that all the work that Darlene does behind the scene, we are so fortunate to have Darlene.  


I met Darlene as part of a trio of trouble at my place of work - the gym!! She would make small talk with me a couple of times a week and then I happened to cross paths with her and her stunning work at the Art Gallery when I took my Girl Guide groups there.  
One story led to another and my world was turned upside down on its wheel and hello! Here I am as part of an extraordinary group of women who all want to basically be Darlene. I mean come on, her pottery is outstanding.  

Darlene, thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking me and my spazzy nature under your wing and showing me patience and kindness for the art you have mastered.  

Your work, dedication, and service to us chumps is beyond appreciated and I am eternally grateful to you.  

Big hugs and love,  

Darlene is a one person pottery phenomenon. Combine that with dedication, generosity thoughtfulness and a sense of humour. Could not wish for more in a coordinator.  

Thank you Darlene.  


Darlene gave me my first handbuilding lesson when I jointed the studio 14 years ago. I still have the vase I made on my dining table   There have been a good many potters come and go over the years. Darlene and I are the only 2 left of the original group from when I joined the Potters.  Over the years we have shared many great times at the studio. Many thanks to Darlene for her dedication and help through the years and keeping the studio running, Jean would be happy to know she left the studio in good hands, no great hands.  Well done, Dalene!  




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