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Osoyoos Potters

About the Osoyoos Potters

The Osoyoos Potters have been an active part of the Osoyoos arts community and Osoyoos & District Arts Council for many years.  Members meet at the Pottery Studio in the Osoyoos Arts in Centre at 89th and Main  Streets (Hwy #3) which also houses The Art Gallery Osoyoos. 

The objective of the Osoyoos Potters is to learn together through sharing ideas, mutual encouragement, and the assistance of more advanced members in an informal, friendly setting. 

The Potters Studio is a small well-equipped studio with 2 wheels, 2 kilns, a variety of glazes and tools.  All club members are required to be involved with the duties of  running of the club. 

At this time we do not have anyone teaching or giving pottery classes.  We help each other and give guidance when working on projects. 

Workshops are conducted in house and by guest potters throughout the year. 

The studio is open 24/7 to experienced members.  A studio day is held every Wednesday morning 10 am to 12 pm where the potters work on projects as a group. 

Membership is limited at any given time in accordance with the studio size. Membership dues, that cover the ongoing club expenses, are $40.00 per year plus the cost of glazing and firings. Potters are required to be Members of the Osoyoos & District Arts Council ( O.D.A.C.) as we are Member Group under the Arts Council and supported by the Arts Council. 

 We can be contacted through our Facebook page at: 





President:  Darlene Fillion

e-mail: firedworks@telus.net 
Secretary:  Karen Lundin
Treasurer:  Dianne Hughes



2022 Christmas Artisan Market 

The potters are  participating in the ‘2022 Chrismas Artisan Market’ at THE ART GALLERY Osoyoos  Novmeber thru December. 


Members of the Osoyoos Potters 

Participated in week-end works shops with 
Cathy Jefferson